Month: January 2016

Singularity Reactor

I queued Duty Roulette: Trials today as a Dark Knight hoping for some easy gil from “Adventurer in Need.” To my surprise, Thordan was in front of me. I never tanked this before. And I died twice when I did it with my White Mage way back. I immediately declared that I’ll be off-tank/sub-tank by saying “ST” on chat (I’m on a Japanese server and I don’t speak Japanese). In the end, I did great and got commendations!

New Beginning: New FC, New FC House

So we abandoned Disciples of Ajora to Ethena’s alt, and we all (current active members) transferred to our new FC, Mog Mafia.

What yields from the old house (meth lab, airships, garden) will still be contributed to the new FC.

All our FC funds, plus some extra personal funds from people made us buy a new house. We now have a large house!

Thordan’s Meteor

Last night, me and my friends from Disciples of Ajora (our Free Company) and English Valefor LS decided to try Thordan EX.

Here’s a video of our best attempt (aside from my MP mismanagement LOL) in which we reached the meteor phase.

It was a good attempt considering almost all of us encountered this for the first time.