How To Kill Your Dragon – Niddy EX Potato Guide


  • This is my first time making a fight guide, yet alone an EX boss guide.
  • This is based on my understanding from practice sessions, and the few times I cleared it.
  • This is from a healer’s point of view — I’ll probably miss some mechanics that doesn’t concern healers.
  • Feel free to correct, and add details. Just leave comments.


This is a guide on How To Kill Your Dragon — basically to clear The Minstrel’s Ballad: Nidhogg’s Rage.

I will be putting times within the post. Refer to my video to see the corresponding part.

Phase 1 – Easy Mode, Dance With The Dragon

[0:13 – 0:42] Pewpew. Run. Repeat.

Trust me, this is the easiest phase. If you die here, it’s either your healer hates you, or you’re having a bad day (and your healer hates you because of that). So you start with your tank pulling Niddy to the other end of the platform — yes please, let your tank pull (this should have been obvious by now at level 60). The rest of the party, stand on his bumbum (and do your positionals, JUST NOT ON HIS FACE!) and deal much pewpew!

Healers just need to heal the tank after tank busters, and heal the party after the roars (AoE party damage).

Here’s a diagram of what you should be doing at the first part of Phase 1.

start p1-burn

[0:43 – 1:05] Then bad draggy will fly out of the platform, and prepare to unleash his fiery breath twice while dropping some poo. Just like from the story mode, he will fly down on an edge, and the swoop 1/3 of the platform of the direction he is facing. The good news is that his first swoop always comes from either north or east, and the second is always from south or west. The bad news is, there’s no telegraph this time to tell you which part of the platform will be barbecued.

Everyone should stay at an area safe from the swoop, let the poo drop, then run to a safe area. Also during this mechanic, 4 players will get a bright red arrow on their heads. These players need to stay away from anyone else as it will drop a fire AoE.


Here are diagrams of possible types for the first swoop (assuming Niddy comes from north).

dive-n1 dive-n2 dive-n3

[1:06 – 1:26] After the 2 swoops, go back to his bumbum at the center of the platform and deal much pewpew like at the beginning.

[1:27 – 1:40] During this bumbum-pewpew phase, he will cast 2 abilities — Hot Tail, and Hot Wings (mmmmmm food). Again, there’s no telegraph here like in the story mode, so you have to look at his cast bar to know how to avoid. Poos will drop as well just like when Niddy did the swoops.

So if Hot Tail goes first… move out, pewpew if ranged, drop poos, then Hot Wing is next.

tail-first-a tail-first-b

So if Hot Wing goes first… stay and pewpew, drop poos, then move out because Hot Tail is next.

wing-first-a wing-first-b

During these mechanics, melee DPS can still attack when he does Hot Tail. Just make sure you won’t get hit where you stand.

And then phase 1 ends when he’s at 79%.

Adds Phase: Die Dragons, Die! Faaaaaaaaast!

[1:41 – 3:00] In this phase, Niddy got scared of the Warrior of Light so he flew away. He sent 3 minions which will be tanked like so:


  • MT takes Shadow Brobinyak to the left.
  • Deeps burn Shadow Brobinyak to death.
  • ST takes Shadow Falak to the right.
  • H1 stand on the middle to heal everyone, and also block the path of the walking Shadow Dragon to bait its swipe.
  • H2 run south to bait the Shadow Dragon’s fireball — more on this later.

ALTERNATIVE (but better way): Tanks may bring Brobinyak and Falak together so Deeps can do cleave/AoE damage on them. But it’s going to be more crowded, and might be harder to see if Dragon is coming to swipe at you.


Both tanks will get debuffs which make them take more damage from the add they’re tanking which is why DPS needs to burn Brobinyak really fast. Once it’s dead, MT provokes Falak from ST because he doesn’t have the Falak’s debuff yet (and ST can rest from the debuff). After MT provokes, DPS burns Falak down.

While you are killing Brobinyak and Falak, the third add, Shadow Dragon doesn’t care about enmity –it attacks whichever it wants. He has 2 attacks and he does these alternately:

  • He will walk towards a random player, and will do a really high-damaging swipe. So once he stands beside you, RUN until you’re out of his melee range, then continue DPS-ing or healing.
  • He will shoot a fireball at the farthest player. This is the reason H2 needs to run south to make sure the fireball will be baited towards H2. If the Dragon gets too near to the south, H2 needs to run north — basically to make yourself the farthest player from the Dragon at all times.

Once both Brobinyak and Falak are down, burn down the dragon while still avoiding his swipe if he walks towards you and baiting fireballs.

This phase is a strict DPS check! You need to kill all adds before Nidhogg’s dragoon form casts his ultimate. Else, it’s a wipe. By the time the Shadow Dragon casts Vulnerability Up on all, it’s HP should be around 50% to know when you’re just in time.

As a WHM, here’s my rotation on this phase:

Target Falak > Aero III > Aero II > Aero I > Divine Seal > Regen on both tanks > Cure II on both tanks > Target Dragon > Aero III > Aero II > Aero I > Cure I/II as needed on tanks (or noob DPS) > spam Stone III on Falak > Keep triple-Aero on Dragon > spam Stone III on Dragon.


Phase 2: All Dragoons Must Die Like The Other Dragoons

[3:10 – 3:30] Once Niddy returns, MT tanks him just like in phase 1, the rest will just do their job like so (I changed the party color to orange because role positioning doesn’t matter):


WARNING: Possible wipe ahead.

[3:31 – 3:37] 4 random players excluding MT will get a pink arrow marker on their heads with a giant ring around you (obviously this is bad). Drop it on the edges with minimal overlap (if possible, do not overlap) on the circles, then a lot will happen.


[3:38 -3:45] Once circles are dropped, the dragons spawning on these circles will cast a straight line AoE on random players. Avoid these or die! Your goal is to bait the line AoEs at the south end of the room. The AoEs should appear like so.


BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! There’s one more line AoE that will spawn from Niddy to a random player! But this line AoE spawns a little late than the first 4. It’s about 1 – 1.5 seconds late.


[Yes this still happens on that 7 seconds…] At the same time, a random player, again excluding MT, will be tethered from one of the dragons. The ST MUST (I repeat, MUST!) intercept this tether ASAP and run away from everyone while still avoiding the lines and circles. If the ST doesn’t intercept this, the tethered player will die. The ST, after intercepting, needs to use a defensive cooldown to survive (or at least not give us healers a heart attack). The ST will intercept like so. REMEMBER! The ST must be away from everyone else because the tether will go boom!

p2-cx-4 p2-cx-5 p2-cx-6

[3:46 – 4:05] Once you survive that (YAY!), back to burning Niddy like at the start of phase 2. Healers watch out for Ala Morn, which is a more powerful tank buster. Focus target on Niddy, watch out for the Ala Morn cast bar, preempt your heals so that right after Ala Morn hits, you heal the tank.

WARNING: Possible wipe ahead.

[4:06 – 4:50] This sub-phase is the twin towers — Fang (Blue) and Claw (Red). Two towers will spawn, while random people will get colored tethers. Here’s what you need to do:


  • The untethered tank will be tanking Niddy on the north side.
  • Everyone else, pewpew the blue tower.
  • Blue-tethered — hug the blue tower, and stay at the easy side when there are no orbs!
    • Players MUST NOT receive any damage, except the one marked with Dragon Rage — more on this later.
  • Red-tethered players should take an orb that will spawn. One for each.
  • Untethered non-tank player, just do what you are supposed to do.

Ok, let’s drill down on the key items on the list above.

Leave the red tower alone. It will get damaged when red-tethered players to get damaged. This is why when orbs spawn, they need to catch it — so each red-tethered player run to a ball once it spawns, and make it explode before it moves towards the blue-tethered players. Six popped balls are enough to bring the red tower down. Ranged DPS can stand in between the orb spawn points and the blue tower — this is so that they can intercept the ball without it exploding at the blue-tethered DPS, and at the same time, can focus on pewpew!


The blue tower starts with half HP, and must die ASAP since this sub-phase is a strict DPS check — the blue tower is casting Self-Destruct. Therefore, everyone except the one tanking Niddy will be attacking the blue tower. If a blue-tethered player gets damaged, the tower will get healed by a big amount. This means, it will be closer to impossible to pass this DPS check. So once the orbs spawn, blue-tethered players need to stay away from it.

As this phase goes, one of the blue-tethered players will get a Dragon Rage marker on his head (the one that means you need to stack). The Dragon Rage happens every after popping the balls. So red-tethered players should stack between the 2 towers after popping the orbs, and the marked blue-tethered player will stack with them. Since the blue-tethered player will get damaged for sure, expect the blue tower to get healed.

p2-fcx-3 p2-fcx-4

Then the tethers will reset. So act accordingly based on your new tether (or lack thereof). Niddy tank will be swapping at this point as well.

If you think Self-Destruct will complete, and a melee DPS LB can kill it, USE IT OR DIE!

[4:51 – 5:21] Once you survived that (YAY again!), burn Niddy wherever the tank was tanking him. Healers need to watch out for more Ala Morn, and then once Niddy flies away… INTO POSITIONS!

WARNING: Possible wipe ahead.

[5:22 – 5:29] First up, go into the positions shown in the diagram below, and the following will happen:


  • 4 towers will spawn, each DPS takes a tower.
  • 2 heals gets a purple circle, drop it near the center of the room. H1 goes west, H2 goes east.
  • MT goes to the west edge, ST goes to the east edge.

[5:30 – 5:35] After the towers explode, DPS needs to move out of the fire AoE left behind. At the same time, after healers drop the purple circle AoEs, they will get a tether that needs to be intercepted by their respective tanks (MT on H1, ST on H2). After intercepting, tanks and heals will move into their new positions.

p2-t2 p2-t3 p2-t4

[5:36 – 5:39] Similar to start of phase 2, 4 random players will get purple AoEs to be dropped. And like before, 4 straight line AoEs will target another 4 random players. I removed the role colors again, as targets get random here.

p2-t5 p2-t6

[5:40 – 5:46] Everyone should then move to a safe spot. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! A pulsing circle AoE will spawn at a random location, and everyone should go as far as possible from the center of AoE while avoiding all the existing AoEs already in place.

p2-t7 p2-t8

[5:47 – 6:19] After your survived that mess (YAAAAAY!), MT will tank Niddy again, everyone else to do their job (heal up, rez up). Healers to deal with Ala Morn again here. Once Niddy flies, run to A marker and prepare for the final phase.


Final Phase – When Healers Cry

[6:20 – 6:27] The final phase will start with a swoop, poop, and red arrows just like in phase 1 but may come from any direction — so watch out! So once Niddy flies down, and AoEs have been dropped, run towards the safe direction to avoid the swoop. Refer to the diagrams in phase 1.

[6:28 – 6:34] After the swoop, everyone run to the B marker, MT to tank Niddy. Then everyone else, do your job as usual. Healers, prepare to cry!


[6:35 – 6:50] Niddy will cast Akh Morn which will hit the target player 4 times and must be shared (with the MT!). After all 4 hits, MT should return to position to tank.


WARNING: Possible wipe ahead.

[6:51 – 7:01] Holy balls of fire! Stay on B. If you’re not on B, go die (as the healers would probably think of you)!

4 balls will spawn, 2 on each corner. Then 2 balls will spawn under Niddy.

p3-b1 p3-b2

[7:02 – 7:06] Then poops will spawn underneath you. This is why you need to stay on B, because you need to drop the poops on B. Don’t worry about the balls on the corners glowing– the timing should be perfect wherein you drop poops on B, then run to A, then corner balls explode.

On this mechanic, it might be hard to see Niddy’s poop spawn (especially when you’re a Lalafell doing Manderville dance and Niddy’s big bumbum is blocking your camera). So make sure you listen to the sound, the poops make as a signal to move.

p3-b3 p3-b4

[7:07 – 7:13] Then red arrows will spawn above your heads which will drop purple AoEs. Everyone should get into position to avoid overlapping these AoEs, and of course to avoid the almost-exploding balls under Niddy.

  • Northwest: MT and H1
  • Northeast: ST and H2
  • Southwest: D1 and D2 (with melee DPS closer to Niddy to keep slapping him)
  • Southeast: D3 and D4 (with melee DPS closer to Niddy to keep slapping him)

p3-b5 p3-b7

Congratulations for surviving the first set of Niddy’s balls! YAAAAAAY!

[7:14 – 7:28] Once the AoEs drop and the balls explode, RUN BACK TO B!!! Healers, prepare to cry again! It’s another Akh Morn — this time it will hit for 5 times. MT will join the sharing of damage as usual.

[7:29 – 7:48] After Akh Morn, ST will tank swap and will be tanking Niddy and attack as usual.

WARNING: Possible wipe ahead.

[7:49 – 8:00] Another round of balls will spawn. The first set will be on the middle. Second set in one corner, and the third on the opposite diagonal corner of the second. Note that these diagonal positions are random, so make sure to watch out.

p3-bx1 p3-bx2

Once the second set spawns, you should know already where the third one will spawn so run to that corner ASAP!

p3-bx3 p3-bx4

[8:01 – 8:06] Then drop the poop on the corner, move a bit to the side to avoid it. Then by that time, the center balls will explode which will be your cue to then run to the center. It should be safe now as the balls have already exploded. The 2nd set of balls should explode once you reach the center.

p3-bx5 p3-bx6

[8:07 – 8:13] Then the third set of balls will explode. You should still be safe if you’re on the center. Well, at least that’s what you think. Niddy, will then cast Hot Tail relative to its positon. So make sure your ST, which should be tanking Niddy right now is making Niddy face to the correct direction. Once he starts to cast Hot Tail, prepare to move to the side!

p3-bx7 p3-bx8 p3-bx9

[8:14 – 10:43] And that’s it! MT tanks Niddy back at the center, everyone goes to B. Rinse and repeat from the first Akh Morn. This will go on until either you kill Niddy, or he kills you.



Hope this guide is of great help to anyone trying out Niddy EX! If you liked it, please share it. Have fun!

Let me know if you want more guides like this!

Special Thanks!

These special people helped me improve this guide, so a big shout out for them. Do a Lalafell /congratulate!

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