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I Finally Did It!

Since I’m on a Japanese server (Valefor), and that I do not speak any Japanese, it’s really hard for me to find a party in Party Finder to kill this back then.¬†Even if I get the chance to be in a party, since I can’t even understand the macros they’re posting (with the positioning for a lot of mechanics), I’ll just ruin everyone’s fun — and I’ll get posted on the blacklist on 2ch FFXIV Valefor (lol).

Then came Patch 3.2, Thordan’s Reign enters the Duty Finder. Some nights, I just rush through my dailies so I can try queuing for practice. Until I finally got the feel of all the mechanics (I’m still a noob at some). But tonight is the night! My first Thordan EX clear! Here’s my kill video.

Have fun watching! ^_____^ By the way, My average item level is 220 with Accuracy/Determination materia, and Vitality materia on accessories’ first slot.

Thordan’s Meteor

Last night, me and my friends from Disciples of Ajora (our Free Company) and English Valefor LS decided to try Thordan EX.

Here’s a video of our best attempt (aside from my MP mismanagement LOL) in which we reached the meteor phase.

It was a good attempt considering almost all of us encountered this for the first time.