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I Finally Did It!

Since I’m on a Japanese server (Valefor), and that I do not speak any Japanese, it’s really hard for me to find a party in Party Finder to kill this back then. Even if I get the chance to be in a party, since I can’t even understand the macros they’re posting (with the positioning for a lot of mechanics), I’ll just ruin everyone’s fun — and I’ll get posted on the blacklist on 2ch FFXIV Valefor (lol).

Then came Patch 3.2, Thordan’s Reign enters the Duty Finder. Some nights, I just rush through my dailies so I can try queuing for practice. Until I finally got the feel of all the mechanics (I’m still a noob at some). But tonight is the night! My first Thordan EX clear! Here’s my kill video.

Have fun watching! ^_____^ By the way, My average item level is 220 with Accuracy/Determination materia, and Vitality materia on accessories’ first slot.

Singularity Reactor

I queued Duty Roulette: Trials today as a Dark Knight hoping for some easy gil from “Adventurer in Need.” To my surprise, Thordan was in front of me. I never tanked this before. And I died twice when I did it with my White Mage way back. I immediately declared that I’ll be off-tank/sub-tank by saying “ST” on chat (I’m on a Japanese server and I don’t speak Japanese). In the end, I did great and got commendations!

Thordan’s Meteor

Last night, me and my friends from Disciples of Ajora (our Free Company) and English Valefor LS decided to try Thordan EX.

Here’s a video of our best attempt (aside from my MP mismanagement LOL) in which we reached the meteor phase.

It was a good attempt considering almost all of us encountered this for the first time.