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Zeehart Turns One – Anniversary Video!

It’s been a great first year. I started as an adventurer, now known as the Warrior of Light, savior of Eorzea.

Come with me as I reminisce the locations I visited, and memories of events that transpired.

Special thanks to:
– Rikki Sato
– Marcos Nekoshogun
– Chibi Wasabi / Strawberry Shortcake
– Dj Bardcode
– Tsundere Senpai

And those who weren’t able to make it on time, thank you too:
– Ethena Rosenwood
– Hyun’a Jin

Zeehart Turns One – RAFFLE (ENDED)!

It’s been a year since I started my adventure in Eorzea! It’s time for a raffle!

Choose any of the below methods to join, and should be done by 8-July 12am GMT:

  1. Reply to any #ZeehartTurnsOne tweet by @zeehart.
  2. Reply to any #ZeehartTurnsOne Facebook post by Zeehart Xua.
  3. Send zeehart a message on player.me.
  4. Comment on this Lodestone blog post.
  5. Comment on this blog post.

Prizes will be delivered via direct message (Twitter, Facebook, or e-mail) by 9-July 12am GMT.

Raffle #1: 20USD US PSN Card

This raffle proceeds no matter what! Yay raffle!

We have 9 participants so far. Low, but that means more chances of winning!

  • @roxasheneko
  • @KairiPS4
  • @chuckchuckharr1
  • @JKManauis
  • @iAmKnownot
  • BaysydeStudios (via player.me)
  • MarHikari (via player.me)
  • @KuchingKing888
  • @bulik888

And the winner is…


Congratulations @iAmKnownot!

Raffle #2: 20USD US PSN Card, or a 60-day US FFXIV Game Time — your choice!

Did not reach 100 subscribers by 07-July 12am GMT. I’m a sad potato. T_____T